Project Review – My Hero Wallet

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Project Review – My Hero Wallet

It has been a well-established fact that DeFi is now one of the most prominent use cases of blockchain technology and it’s not just a trend. When integrated with gaming the same DeFi technology evolves to emerge as GameFi, which is expected to be the future of gaming. In this review, we will share some deep insights about a product that has the potential to transform GameFi forever! So without wasting any further time let’s dive straight into the review.

About The Project

MyHeroWallet is a GameFi project aimed at building a sustainable ecosystem. In addition to its own P2E game, the ecosystem’s main attraction is a decentralized wallet and exchange powered by its native token, $MYWA.

The long-term goal of the team is to scale up MyHeroWallet as the go-to decentralized wallet for users in Web3. The platform will be a fully democratized exchange where the users can have a seamless experience in terms of data privacy and unbiased governance.

The platform allows you to create wallets across 10 supported chains and to trade your favorite crypto assets as you please. Users can earn rewards in MYWA tokens by performing activities such as trading, staking, or farming. Rewards can then be sold for profits or used to grow your heroes in the P2E game.

MyHeroWallet strives to create a self-sustaining ecosystem where value is generated and distributed across users in a fair and democratic way. The gameplay has been designed by top game developers with a quality storyline and elements to help attract a massive user base. All of this is expected to give a huge initial boost to their ecosystem, which will be further sustained through regular updates and developments.

Tokenomics and Other Details

Tokenomics and staking documentations play a crucial role in the long-term success of a project. In the case of MyHeroWallet the tokenomics can be briefed as:

  • 12% White-list Only Seed Round 
  • 10% IDO Round
  • 15% Liquidity
  • 10% Marketing & Dev
  • 10% Team 
  • 43% Staking & Farming 

It can be duly observed that the tokens have been distributed in a well-balanced way. This in turn helps with sustainability and increases the chances of the project’s survival in the long run.

The Private Sale is already LIVE on Pinksale and can be accessed at:


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