AMA Review – WAGMI x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

AMA Review – WAGMI x WhaleCoinTalk

The AMA started with a brief introduction of the team and their roles where the audience came to know about the expertise of the team and their credentials which can help them stand out. The introduction was followed by a brisk introduction of the game which is a tower defence game and aims to revolutionise the GameFi industry. 

The team has some of the best marketing onboard, who have spent years communicating with various search engines and social media platforms to figure out the best ways to integrate NFTs and crypto in traditional marketing. Some of their previously developed apps have been top-earners on PlayStore, thus we can say that these guys know their stuff.

The plan is to push marketing on Google to reach a diverse audience, including the non-crypto audience. This will help induct a mass user base for the product helping it sustain in the long run like any other normal game. The onboarding process would be made as simple as possible to make it easily accessible. The team plans to do FIAT integrations in a way to provide a smooth crypto experience to the first time users.

Moving on further with the AMA, the team discussed the tokenomics and roadmap which they plan to execute. One important thing to note here is the token distribution which makes the project self-sustainable and has followed enough measures to avoid big dumps. 

The game includes multiple thrilling gaming modes like PVP where you can wager funds and win rewards in USDC. The game will have lots of educational content and a smooth learning curve with tutorials and different difficulties so that users can have a good introduction to the whole ecosystem and the app.

The utilities of the token have been integrated to every aspect of the game which will ensure a consistent demand for the tokens resulting in benefit to price action because of the high-demand, also profits from revenue would be used for token buy-backs to keep demand in check. Further, the team explained the different card levels and how we can level up and work on stats for a better gaming experience along with other game mechanisms.

The game in itself has been designed to be as interactive as it could be where you own all the assets in the game and you can trade them in the gameplay with various features like ownership tracker. The major USP for WAGMI is the interoperability of the characters, all of the characters within the game would be interoperable with the games developed in future bringing the concept of value to real life


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