AMA Review – PalmSwap x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

AMA Review – PalmSwap x WhaleCoinTalk

PalmSwap is a revolutionary DEx that aims to transform the way people perceive trading on Decentralized Exchanges. The major offerings of the DEx are the platform’s highly-refined features that enable users to engage in perpetual trading with upto 10x leverage. Simultaneously, users can claim dual benefits by earning tokens while trading through Tokencycles.

The testnet recently went LIVE, observing over half a million transactions from 18k unique participating traders. The platform has already started to turn profitable & the team is organizing various events like trading contests to help bring a mass exposure to the platform. All of this sets it apart from its competitors as they have a LIVE working platform with over 18k active users, & the numbers are still increasing rapidly!

The ecosystem will soon organize its first launchpad with the launch of their very own token. In order to provide a fair chance to everyone & to ensure a hassle-free experience, the team has decided to conduct it in a fairlaunch style. Also the project offers its community a great earning opportunity- the token sale will adopt a referral link model where people can promote the fair launch and receive 3% commission. Every person that joins the sale through your referral will also be your referral on the trading platform and you can earn commissions from their trading activities on the platform.

In order to ensure the stability of the ecosystem the native token will have diverse utilities.  Some cool features include staking tokens to reduce trading FEE, and to participate in various launchpad events. Also, the governance would take place through a staking mechanism that would enable stakeholders to make decisions for the ecosystem. Another minor yet important feature is that they have insurance to protect user funds in case of any hacks or security breaches. This helps ensure a secure trading environment for everyone, making them the real futuristic decentralized trading platform.

For more details and regular updates you can tune-in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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