AMA Review – Jail Kwon x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

AMA Review – Jail Kwon x WhaleCoinTalk

The JailKwon AMA started with a brief introduction of the speakers. The project has been founded by a group of highly experienced founders in the crypto industry who have delivered multiple successful projects in the past. In their recent venture i.e Jail Kwon Token, the team plans to bring together their expertise in various sectors of crypto to help educate the community and protect them from potential scams.

Basic idea is to create the first of it’s type Educate-to-Earn platform where industry leaders and knowledgeable people can win rewards by educating the community and sharing deep insights about important topics. Giving further details into the project the team added that they plan to integrate multiple utilities to the project including affiliate marketing, providing a quality experience to its users. The marketing structure will promote creators who offer their services on the platform and a part of the revenue will be utilised for token buybacks helping the price action in longer run.

DApp development is in its final stage and is ready for the launch of the Educate-to-Earn platform. The overall ecosystem would be completely transparent with democratic governance and transparent funds allocation. The governance mechanics for the Educate-to-Earn platform would be unveiled soon but it will follow the basic rule: the better the engagement on the posts, the better would be the reach of the creator throughout the platform. Also, the team is planning an NFT collection that will provide a certain degree of exclusivity to the ecosystem and will help boost the use case.

Community Questions

The type of content on platform: Currently the team is in process to onboard major creators and influencers. Initially the content would be focused on working of the platform itself and the token and the tokenomics.

NFT Tiers and Mechanics: The team will soon unveil more info into the NFT utilities and the overall NFT mechanics, till then stay tuned with their socials so that you don’t miss out on updates.

Marketing Plans: As mentioned earlier, the team plans to go heavy on marketing. Various influencers and creators will be on-boarded soon along with the launch of massive marketing campaigns.


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