AMA Review – Crypto Warz x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

AMA Review – Crypto Warz x WhaleCoinTalk

Crypto Warz is a free-to-play, play-to-earn game bringing together the thrill of tower defense games with blockchain games. The team describes it as the next-generation GameFi project with highly-engaging gameplay and motion graphics to help sustain the project in the longer run. In this pursuit, the team has formed multiple partnerships and collaborations to capture a widespread audience to give a huge boost to the project.


The basic structure of the P2E game can be summarised as a legacy P2E game with general functionalities like other popular tower defense games with a blockchain edge. The key characters can be listed as:


King Kether: King Kether is the game’s key player. King Kether is an expert “military tactician,” constantly ready to defend the lovely kingdom of Talonius and his kind citizens. With different levels, King Kether has different levels, health, and attributes. The rarer King Kether, the stronger and stronger we stand.


The Vicious Ryx: The vicious “RYX” – Kether’s enemy One of the most terrifying creatures in the parallel universe is the vicious “Ryx,” a race of flesh-eating aliens with a remarkable genome that allows them to absorb and mutate other life forms.


Game Mode: Talonius is a planet in another dimension, a parallel world to our own, set in a fantasy setting interspersed with sci-fi themes. You start playing the game in the land of King Kether, the leader of all Talonius’s(the native citizens of Talonius). He will begin by asking you to join the war against the Ryx who have been programmed to fight, erase the world, and create a world of its own. The only way Ryx can fulfill his programmed end goal is to eliminate all of King Kether’s strongholds.


You play as the King Kether having at your disposal the vital lands that you can customize and upgrade (to start with this will be limited, but the options will grow as the game progresses) and your King Kether is the master of “Military Tactician” fighting “Ryx”


Crypto Warz is now available on both Android and iOS for their fans all across the globe and is all set to take over the crypto space. The team at Crypto Warz is made of 30 members out of which 6 are core team members with deep expertise in their assigned roles. The overall structure of the game has been designed in a way to boost the utilities of the $WARZ token and to make the ecosystem sustainable in the longer run.


Utilities of the $WARZ Token

WARZ is a TOKEN that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network and serves as an exchange currency in the game Also, it can be used for:


  • In Game FEE: The Crypto Warz game mechanics have been designed in a way to provide you only 3 chances to play per day. In order to attain additional chances, you need to buy them in exchange for $WARZ.
  • Blind Box: Players need $WARZ to purchase Hero Box. Players can get NFT in the game when the blindbox is opened.
  • Marketplace: Players can buy and sell NFTs in the marketplace using a $WRZ token.


The game has been in development since Q4’2022 and is completely ready now with the best game mechanics and functionalities. Currently, in Phase 4 of the roadmap, the team is soon to conduct a box sale and a $WARZ pre-sale.


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