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AMA Recape – CoinStats x WhaleCoinTalk

Coinstats is a highly promising project by a visionary team led by Narek, who is one of the founders. Narek began early on the Blockchain ecosystem with Ethereum and was hooked with technology from the very beginning. That was the time when he came up with the idea of CoinStats, and started formulating the initial version of the app.

According to the team, the app has changed a lot over the past 4 years – from a simple tracker to a platform that allows its users to have an unfair edge on the crypto market. In brief, CoinStats has emerged as the one place to manage your crypto NFTS, coins, DeFi products and more. The platform has been designed in a way to be easy to use for everyone, be it a DeFi expert or a beginner anyone can use it to manage their investments in an efficient way.

In the recent update they have introduced a portfolio management system where you can access DEXes and trade directly on the platform. Protecting user data and ensuring overall security of the platform is one of the peak priorities of the team, therefore they use AWS for the servers. This ensures that anyone who is connecting his wallet is just as safe as interacting with any DeFi protocol.

One major feature of the platform that differentiates it from its users is that the platform offers detailed analytics on your investment, like the price you got in and exited, the most gains, and many more tracking tools including alerts on price changes. The premium version of the platform offers an enhanced set of features for experienced users, simplifying their investment journey.

You can also earn rewards on the platform by participating in various events and contests like NFT minting. The team plans to roll out a lot more features and is currently working to enable better tracking of assets across multiple chains. Some other focus areas of current development include expanding the DeFi functionality to make it easier to use. Also the team plans to integrate bridge swapping on multiple chains in the coming updates. All of this is expected to enhance the user experience making CoinStats your one-stop tool for crypto investing needs.

The platform follows strict security norms and never trades/uses your data for unfair purposes. In order to promote data security you can also use the platform without even signing up. All you need to do is just connect your wallet and you are good to go. 


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