AMA Recap – WhaleCoinTalk x Mandala Exchange

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AMA Recap – WhaleCoinTalk x Mandala Exchange

Mandala Exchange is the future of crypto trading, integrating Web3 principles, and innovative technology to simplify your crypto journey. With a general fee as low as 0.065%, Mandala Exchange has introduced various preventive measures to reduce fees on selected trading pairs to 0%, to help traders sustain in these extreme market conditions.

Unlike many of its competitors in the space, Mandala Exchange stands by its customers offering easy-to-use products and customer-centric policies. You can perform various modes of crypto operations on the platform including portfolio management, cryptocurrency trading, and other DeFi operations.

The team’s latest product, MandalaFi, is a yield farming optimizer and yield aggregator that makes your user experience very fast and simple. By accessing multiple decentralized exchanges and blockchains, MandalaFi is able to unite all these services in one place, providing users with the world’s first easy-to-use DeFi farming ecosystem.

Key Takeaways From the AMA

In order to provide you with a better insight into MandalaFi, some key takeaways from the AMA can be summarised as:

  • Simplifying crypto for masses – From its very beginning, the key focus of Mandala’s core team has been to create an ecosystem dedicated to the mainstream crypto investor, simplifying their crypto investing journey. One of the unique features introduced by MandalaFi is their easy-to-use 3-click yield farming, which intends to open DeFi to the masses. The user simply chooses a farm, decides how much crypto they would like to stake, clicks confirm, and that’s it!
  • Getting better every day – MandalaFi is currently in its beta testing phase and is improving each day in terms of usability and providing a better user experience. The team welcomes any kind of feedback in order to become the best web3 yield farming optimizer for crypto investors. 
  • Growth strategies and future plans: Powered by the Binance Cloud, the team plans to position Mandala as the go-to web3 ecosystem for users in the upcoming years. Various endeavors including product development and growth marketing are already in action. At a later stage, the team will unveil future use cases to serve the web3 market in a better way and make it more accessible to the masses.

Brownie Points – Some Special Questions From the Community!

Covering a huge chunk of info regarding MandalaFi, Joe Reiben (CEO) and Zach Daniels (CTO) finally opened up to questions from the WCT community. The conversation can be summarised as:

  • Mandala’s Partners – Mandala Exchange has integrations with various partners, including Binance and SimpleDeFi, to make user onboarding easy. Being powered by the Binance Cloud means that Mandala shares liquidity with Binance to ensure a wide array of tradable tokens and strong liquidity for its users to minimize the price impact.
  • Details about some innovative products – Addressing the audience’s curiosity, Joe and Zach answered questions regarding various products, including trading bots and upcoming services like NFT integrations. Mandala’s scam protection measures – Being a user-centric exchange, the interface has been designed to guide and warn users against possible scams, while educating them on the basics of crypto.


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