AMA Recap – Versatile Finance x WhaleCoinTalk

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AMA Recap – Versatile Finance x WhaleCoinTalk

Versatile Finance ($VERSA) is a blockchain startup focusing on B2B & B2C products and services. The project’s long-term vision is to create a stable income for the HODLers via introducing multiple revenue generating utilities. The project has already launched some real business building products and services to cater the web3 and web2 world. Six utilities are already LIVE, out of which two have started generating revenue!

Among them is their highly esteemed platform – DeFi Zone, which is a social platform where you can put educational content ranging from beginner level to advanced content. It also includes a section dedicated to investor tools, that ties-in on the business side. The team is working on a long-term vision and are working on building revenue channels for their investors.

Another great utility/tool includes a wallet analyzer that helps its users to avoid the confusion around tracking various crypto wallets & assets associated with them. The tool comes integrated with a price API that shows real time value of the assets and alerts regarding important price changes and influential events.

Crypto 360 is a futuristic product from their advanced lineup that helps people gain a deeper insight into TA by providing various inbuilt manuals and tools curated by market experts. All of their utilities have been aligned in a way to optimize the Life-Time-Value of its users. Most of the products are inter-linked & provide a smooth transit in user journey across tools.

Some other utilities/services include a crowd-funding platform and a consultancy service. The crowd-funding platform helps users adapt a decentralized model towards crowdfunding on a nominal FEE. The consultancy services are yet another income stream for the project where they provide consultancy to other projects helping them with marketing, development & growth.

As discussed earlier the team plans the project to be a long-term success rather than just another poorly executed project. Therefore, they are trying to build a sustainable model for the ecosystem that can help it sustain in the longer run. For the above mentioned reasons the team has decided not to offer staking at the moment; but they plan to incentivize the community with better rewarding mechanisms like reflections and airdrops for HODLers.

Some Interesting Questions from the Community

Their credibility for providing financial services in the future: Natively, the team has various experts onboard who have vast experience in the industry. Additionally they have hired qualified financial advisors for building their platform & would never compromise on the trust vested by the community into them.


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