AMA Recap – SquidTama x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

SquidTama is a much-awaited project from a highly experienced team who have delivered multiple successful projects. They have previously launched some great projects based on the trends and have delivered exceptional results.

SquidTama is a  decentralized community token that transfers power to the hand of its community – developing a sense of ownership among stakeholders which is healthy for the project in the longer run. They have built an All-in-One DApp solution where you can buy/sell & stake your NFTs, stake tokens in 3 different pools, and track all rewards in their TamaToken Vault.

With the marketplace, users will be able to buy and trade NFTs, further you can stake your NFTs in the vault for extra rewards. A part of the taxes will be used to support the TAMA vault so that the ecosystem can be self-sustainable in the long run.

They soon plan to launch a bridge to the ETH chain, offering similar services to people there – this will help expand the community and the user base. Following it, the TamaDex is planned to be launched in 2023; it will be a platform where users will be able to trade their assets and track the value of their portfolios/desired assets. 

As the ecosystem grows, they plan to launch their own P2E game in the future which will have functionalities through the ecosystem. The key priority at the moment is to build a strong community and to develop a sense of ownership in them. The team is proactively working on developing some great partnerships throughout the crypto world and some big announcements will follow soon.

For more details and regular updates, you can tune in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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