AMA Recap – Soccer VS x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

Soccer VS is a cutting-edge gaming project developed by a highly successful team. The team has been developing games and other applications for over 10 years now and has its Head Office in Delhi. They are a global team and have branches in North America and South America as well.

The team already does lots of sponsorships for college-level games and has a strong ground presence. In order to provide a better gaming experience to their users, they are building the gaming experience in Unreal Engine 5. The team wanted to develop a user-centric game where rewards and game mechanics help the user. Therefore, you don’t need any NFT/CryptoToken to participate in their game, thus reducing the entry barrier.

The overall objective is to create a game as close to reality as possible. All of this is to ensure that the users have a great in-game experience being able to create teams, manage them, compete against each other, and fight for spots on the leaderboard.

Users can buy and trade NFTs like player gear (shoes, t-shirts, etc.) and much more. The game will also have inbuilt mechanics for players to age – this is to make the gaming experience realistic and close to the real world. The team wants to operate the game in the long run and therefore is building an on-ground presence using various influencer marketing strategies and sponsoring college events.

For more details and regular updates, you can tune in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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