AMA Recap – SkyLabs x WhaleCoinTalk

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AMA Recap – SkyLabs x WhaleCoinTalk

Skylabs is a visionary project that aims to resolve major irregularities that exist in the current scenario. Skylabs Launchpad gives stakers guaranteed allocations in exclusive projects that demonstrate strong fundamentals and a clear path to revenue. The founder Robyn is a well-renowned coach who has been guiding entrepreneurs for years helping them create value and attain desired growth.


Only VSL stakers can participate in projects that launch from Vetter Skylabs Launchpad.The criteria used to select projects for Skylabs Launchpad includes cutting-edge tech innovation and/or competitive market positioning, and strong fundamentals with a clear path to revenue. VSL stakers also receive royalties from revenue generated via the tokenomics and launchpads.


Unlike common models that reward stakers using tokens printed out of thin air or using “degen” investment practices that often lead to losses, VSL’s non-custodial model gives stakers control of their tokens with no inflationary or high-risk practices. Instead of guaranteeing percentage yields that dilute token value, VSL ties royalties to the buy-sell tax and launchpad revenue. See the Whitepaper to learn how VSL staking offers an innovative solution to significant and lasting staking rewards. Also, it is important to note that VSL stakers can increase their allocations and royalties by as much as 2000% by holding the $VETTER token.


Moving further with the discussion, the team went on explaining the royalty share system and how it interacts  with the staking pool. To ensure safety for investors and to ensure the quality-factor KYC is an important part of the onboarding process at SkyLabs. SkyLabs wants to be accessible to all types of projects but still has to put on various parameters for projects to ensure the quality level of the platform.


Vetter Skylabs assists developers in funding, incubating, launching and improving innovative early-stage blockchain projects that show significant potential. Skylabs Incubator can assist in the following areas: In-house developers, launching, legal, marketing, branding, market positioning, raising capital, building sustainable revenue streams, general consulting.


With the objective to spread awareness about cryptocurrency space and safe investing Skylabs has started an initiative named “Vetter University” where they upload interviews with influential and knowledgeable people in the crypto space, sharing deep insights about the space and future of crypto.


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