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ShadowFi is a highly-innovative project from a well-established team who have a vast experience in the crypto industry. The project is a rebrand of their previous project DKYC – they offer on and off-ramp solutions for people interested in interacting with crypto.

The previous project DKYC faced major regulatory troubles but ended up victorious and won the right to keep its name “DKYC”. However, the need for a rebranding was felt which has been performed now and DKYC is being relaunched as ShadowFi.

Their goal is to provide easy gateways for people allowing them to spend their crypto at places. In order to access the service a user needs a minimum of 10.000 ShadowFi tokens. The spending limit on the card has been set to 1000 BUSD per day as of now which maybe later updated according to the evolving needs of the market.

Their app will be soon available for phones and will be connected to NFC so that any mobile user can use it. Using their app anyone can make purchases in crypto without the government being able to track them. Also, they will be building a swap along with their bridging solutions in early 2023, so that everyone can transfer funds and use the dapp.

They are looking to expand interoperability for better contactless payments-roughly 40million merchants will be a part of their network. You can use the Dapp in any country which accepts the internationally accepted VISA card.

ShadowPlay is a unique concept in their ecosystem – it’s a type of lottery to support the token and provide users with a chance to win big prizes. But, it’s more than just a lottery; with every ticket purchased you accumulate points towards different milestones, after completing every 4 milestones you are rewarded with an NFT.

As time passes, each milestone keeps getting harder to achieve. But, you will be rewarded with higher quality NFTs with random traits in this pursuit. The NFT tickets will be holographic and will have the foil property – the bonus prize will be a surprise! These NFTs can later be staked for other prizes – the system is built to accumulate prizes for multiple rounds in a sustainable manner.

For more details and regular updates, you can tune in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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