AMA Recap – Radix x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

Radix is high-end project by a highly-successful team who have been active in the industry since the early days of Bitcoin. The project started as a simple observation to the limitations of Bitcoin – Initially it was started with the idea to contribute to the Bitcoin ecosystem and then the more it grew the more it steered in a different direction.

The blockchain they are building has a lot of novel features – essentially they are building an ecosystem accessible to everyone. One of the key features is the consensus mechanism – validators come to agreements locally in a hybrid system. There are multiple Apps deployed as demos to demonstrate that the blockchain can support complex applications at a high output.

The team is comprised of some of the best developers in the industry and they are building a series of tools to make it easy for people to build on the blockchain. They already have multiple sandbox ecosystems working with different developers to improve the system prior to the launch. Also, there is an extended documentation on the system available for anyone.

Users can stake their tokens with any of the 100 validators on the network and share the rewards. In order to complement the other tools in the ecosystem they have built their own wallet. Beta release of the main net will be available in Q2’ 2023 and users will be able to start building on the blockchain. They have deeply rooted connections all across the industry and some big things will be announced really soon.

For more details and regular updates, you can tune in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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