AMA Recap – “Protocol X” x Whale Coin Talk

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AMA Recap – “Protocol X” x Whale Coin Talk

Protocol X is a rebase token on the Binance Smart Chain with advanced tokenomics that helps the token holders create a passive income stream. The tokenomics has been designed in a way to adjust the APR periodically to ensure consistent profits for the holders. 


The project has major utilities that can help it sustain in the longer run making it a big success. Some of the features include a fully functional Dex that is ready to onboard projects with ample liquidity pools. NFTs are yet another unique feature of the project, where 2000 NFTs will be minted, the NFT holders will receive rewards in BUSD.


Project X is planning to level-up the overall NFT game by adding cool features like upgrade mechanisms and NFT burn functionalities. The NFT sale will start 3-4 weeks after the token launch, so that the team can get a fair idea regarding the pricing of NFTs, helping them hold to a strong floor. The key system documentation for NFT mechanisms will come out later, but it will follow a risk based model to prevent everyone from getting top tier by simply spending.


The DEX utilises the concept of dual token system to bring out the max creativity and to add a stability factor for the listed projects. In the later stages, the team plans to launch their own custom trading bot with at least 20% returns which is expected to bring huge profits to the project.


Top Questions From the Community


Details into Influencer Marketing Campaigns: According to the marketing team of Project X, “the effectiveness of the cost in the DeFi space is driven by outreach rather than one single partnership”. Therefore, the team is currently focusing on onboarding various quality influencers with targeted communities to help spread awareness about the project, rather than targeting big names.

Ways to upgrade NFTs and other details: All of the actions related to NFT utilities will be performed in a way to attain sustainability. The team is currently studying various parameters and collecting data to finalise the mechanics for NFTs. But, the final details will be unveiled soon and will be designed in a way to give a huge push to the utility of the project.


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