AMA Recap – Pessimistic Donkey College x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

Pessimistic Donkey College is a project developed by an experienced team who have launched multiple successful projects in the past. Most of the team members have a formal background in financial markets and have worked for financial institutions prior to developing this project. 

The team is currently focused on community building as the founders believe that the success of NFT projects depends largely on the community. One of the major focus areas of the project is to tackle the problem of mental health and to help the community members. The roadmap is actually called the campus map: the mission is to build a web3 community and to provide value to all its members.

The staking system is pretty unique, you can send your NFT Donkyes to “study” in different pools basically locking the NFT for a period and enhancing it. They are also planning to develop a video game that is sustainable but that is further down the line and more updates will be announced soon.

Meetups are being planned with influencers and offline events for the students with boutiques and exhibitions in New York and other areas. The team is expecting to build a strong organic community with its efforts & to evolve as the next OG NFT community.

There will be 8888 NFTs available in the collection and the mint day is January 25. The team has long-term plans for the project and in the future, a coin will also be airdropped to the holders – more of this to be announced in the later stages of development. The roadmap of the project is very extensive and it focuses on real-world events.

For more details and regular updates, you can tune in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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