AMA Recap – MT Tower x WhaleCoinTalk

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AMA Recap – MT Tower x WhaleCoinTalk

MT Tower is a highly-esteemed project working on an unique concept that has never been seen before! They are creating a metaverse in which people can express their own personality, the idea is to come into the metaverse and customize the avatar. One of the major strengths of the team is their highly experienced marketing team who have over 20 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. 

The founders have been active in the crypto space since 2016 and have been involved in the development and management of various successful projects. This brings a rich experience to the team, as the founders are well aware of what they are doing and what may succeed in the market.

Basic idea of the project is to enable people to express their personalities in the metaverse as they see it by providing customization options. The avatar gains influence as a result of the measurable influence that the character had. Users can customize their look and choose different styles that they can try on before purchasing. It can be used by influencers but regular users as well, because the ultimate goal is to evolve the social media influence element to the point where everyone would be able to participate. 

Each avatar will be completely unique and the team will implement proper measures to ensure people will not steal other influencer names. Talking about the concept of the game, there will be different floors on the tower with different themes like sports, culture, events, etc. And these floors will have different events like concerts and festivals to keep the audience engaged and to help them meet like minded people. The avatars would be tradable and you can sell them at any point to a user or a company.

NFTs would take place in collaboration with different brands and projects. The users will be able to use them on their avatar from an app; at the beginning the metaverse will be only open to influencers and in later stages for regular users. Currently, the team is in talks with various fashion designers to add some really exclusive content in the app helping build a hype for them.

Talking about the marketing affairs, the team informed that they have a highly experienced marketing team and additionally they have onboarded a crypto marketing agency to provide specialized services for the industry. Soon they will roll out their various marketing/outreach campaigns and publicity stunts to gain mass attention from the audience. All of this is sure to help contribute to the project’s growth, helping them with their long-term success.

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