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AMA Review

Minima is a much-awaited project by a well-renowned and highly successful team who have been active in the space for over 10 years now. Some of the team members were early Bitcoin miners and have been building Minima for the past 5 years. 

Minima is a Layer One blockchain with various features like mini-DApps and the possibility to send transactions directly between participating parties. The team soon plans to kick off their visibility campaigns for mass adoption & things have started to get interesting now. They will soon start conducting hackathons across the globe and live events with team members to educate more and more people about Minima.

The users can interact in various ways with the blockchain and they have a lot of turnkey solutions already available. The minima coin will be used for the transfer of value but also be used for the creation of tokens on the minima blockchain. The tokenomics paper will be updated with the latest figures on the website but the key takeaway is that 51% of the tokens will be offered to the public.

The core team is composed of more than 24 members from all over the world – a strong team that has been there since the beginning. The initial Dapps available on the launch will be a wallet, the MAxchat – peer-to-peer cash app, Future cash, Terminal, and a few others. 

Also, the team plans to build a vault aimed at bringing another layer of security to users. Minima is set to be different from its competitors, so there are no big gas fees to pay – the way it works is that everyone does a little work for the network so transaction fees will be minimal. 

Community Questions


About the off-chain transactions: It works the same way as the bitcoin lightning network.

About the gas fees: Even with a large volume of transactions there are mechanics in place to minimize the fees and prioritize fees as well.

The ambassador program: All details are on discord

For more details and regular updates, you can tune in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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