AMA Recap – Medi-C x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

Medi-C is a revolutionary project from a highly-experienced team who have more than 15 years of experience in healthcare and e-commerce. They plan to revolutionize the healthcare industry by integrating it with blockchain. 

The team always wanted to build the project around a real business where each investor can get the benefits. Therefore, all the services provided in the app will work on revenue sharing model with the token holders. Early adopters will have an extra incentive to turn into long term holders – the long-term holders would be offered some services for free!

Using the platform users will be able to book appointments with accredited doctors and medical professionals in a decentralized way. The services would be available at 20-30% cheaper rates than usual on the platform. Also, there is a subscription plan available for families and anyone willing for long-term healthcare services.

The team plans to start the services in more than 170 countries. Currently, the team is in talks with authorities to provide assistance for the same. Also, they have onboarded a legal team to ensure that the recommendations given by the doctors abide by the regulations.

 The platform is being built keeping scalability in mind and will obviously reach masses as it grows. However, currently the marketing is focused on crypto enthusiasts and people that are experienced but it will soon shift to traditional markets too.

For more details and regular updates, you can tune in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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