AMA Recap – League of Pets x WhaleCoinTalk

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AMA Recap – League of Pets x WhaleCoinTalk

League of Pets is a brand new project by a high-performing team with a proven track-record of delivering highly successful projects. The ecosystem consists of a P2E game backed by a plethora of utilities and game mechanics to keep the user base engaged over time. Special measures have been ensured in the production phase to avoid any bugs that may cause rugs and it makes the game completely unbiased and fair to use.


Currently the game is in the internal testing stage, it would be a turn-based RPG game and the beta version would soon be available for testing for the public. The team is working on a new, innovative system to improve the p2e mechanics to satisfy those who want to see price action as well as those who want to play the game. There will be adjustments to the system mechanics in game to keep it balanced and they have a game-mathematician on board to take care of this stuff.


In order to ensure a quality gaming experience for the users, certain elements have been built in house and others have been outsourced. Also the team plans to upgrade the game over time to convert it into a 3D game.

The marketing operations are currently focused on spreading awareness and doing community engagement events like AMAs, calls, daily and weekly giveaways and this wil slowly focus towards social media and working on different campaigns that will help hype around the beta. The team also plans to onboard various Twitch streamers to help bring exposure to the ecosystem. 


Some other important information conveyed during the AMA can be summarised as, firstly in order to protect the funds against volatility the Presale for the tokens will be done in BUSD.

Secondly, people will have to use the token to mint the NFTs for in-game operations and other utilities. And most importantly the team plans to launch its own sidechain to avoid gas fees so that the game can be sustainable in the longer run.


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