AMA Recap – King Corgi Chain x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

King Corgi Chain is the latest memecoin project and a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. The project plans to implement strong moment marketing and community engagement to ride the hype and emerge as the next big memecoin project. The project is centered around the two corgis the queen had, and the dog community.


The team consists of 8 core members who are highly experienced in their area of expertise and are working tirelessly to ensure the success of the project. The overall ecosystem will consist of a lot of different products that will be offered alongside the deflationary token. One of the most awaited products is their revolutionary staking mechanism which is a unique concept. The more you stake is the higher APY you get, this helps ensure that the sell pressure is always balanced and the token prices keep rising with time.


Another crazy product is their automatic sniper which will soon be available for the users.  You can customize the available setting and it will automatically snipe for you generating unbelievable returns over time. Currently, the team is going heavy on both, paid and organic marketing affairs adding new community members everyday. Some of their OG marketing campaigns are yet to come, including influencer marketing campaigns and media channel partnerships.


Some Important Community Questions


1: Charity expansion and how it will be rolled out?

Currently the team is involved in various charity causes across different regions in Vietnam and will soon expand their area of influence.


2: Are there any linguistic sub-communities?

Yes! The team soon plans to open their Turkish and Chinese community channels. Furthermore, they plan to expand to other linguistic channels as the community grows.




For more details and regular updates you can tune-in to their socials. The links are as follow:




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