AMA Recap – InDexSaleGlobal x WhaleCoinTalk

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AMA Recap – InDexSaleGlobal x WhaleCoinTalk

InDexSaleGlobal is a highly awaited project from a well-experienced team who have delivered multiple successful projects in the past. InDexSaleGlobal aims to emerge as the one-stop Dex/Launchpad compatible with Web3 fulfilling your multi-chain trading needs. Currently only the Dex is LIVE and ready for use but the team is actively developing the launchpad and is testing it across various chains.

Currently the major focus of the team is to build the launchpad as planned and market it as the next OG launchpad for crypto enthusiasts. The launchpad will be multichain, fully compatible with all EVM compatible chains. Functioning of the Dex is completely automated as they have a AMM Dex, which makes their ecosystem a real sustainable one, that fulfils all your trading needs at one place.

In order to promote transparency and democratise the platform, the team plans to implement a DAO model for the governance of the platform. Users will be able to pay in native tokens or with BNB for the launches, making the platform highly versatile and accessible for all. Staking implications will soon be available for the tokens and the NFTs as well, currently, the team is busy devising a perfect mechanism for it that can help the ecosystem be self-sustainable.

When asked about the marketing plans and PR setup, the team informed us that they will soon roll out massive marketing to position their Launchpad in the crypto space. The marketing structure would be a multi-channel one that would include various high-performing methods like influencer marketing, and paid ads.


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