AMA Recap – Holoclear x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

Holoclear is a revolutionary project from an experienced team. Some of the core team members have several years of valuable experience in real-world marketing, working with brick-and-mortar agencies. The other team members also come from diverse backgrounds including proficient devs and strategists. The Dev team has experience with algorithmic trading strategies, and they have previously done it for multiple businesses based in UK.

They are creating an ecosystem to provide the HODLers with a sustainable passive income. One of the major strategies they use for it is to use treasury funds to trade and make profits instead of printing new tokens relentlessly. For this, they use high-end strategies like market-making and strategic arbitrage. Basically, they are using market data to do high-speed trading to generate profits using treasury funds.

The long term vision is to scale the treasury up to hundreds of millions of dollars like a proper fund that would pay yield to all the holders. Their token $HOLO is the tradable asset in their ecosystem and users can stake it to earn interest. You can also support the treasury by using a bond system to mint tokens at a premium price – the tokens will be vested and earn interest along the way.

An amazing concept they adopt is their weekly prize pool that will go to a random HODLer.

The whole ecosystem is balanced and enough measures have been taken to ensure to minimalize the selling pressure.

Currently, the bond staking period is available on 30-60-90 day terms but it may evolve according to varying needs in the future. The marketing affairs would target both – crypto-educated people and also those who have lesser exposure to crypto. They want to go for an organic marketing strategy backed by educational content, influencers, and community building so that they can sustain themselves in the longer run.

For more details and regular updates, you can tune in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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