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AMA Review

GameGuru is a visionary project bought to life by an experience with diverse across various industries. The project aims to solve serve a massive market estimated to be evaluated at around $600 Billion by the end of the year 2024. We recently had an amazing conversation with the team in our recent AMA with them, in the following article we would be presenting an extract of our conversation with them.

GameGuru is a crypto marketplace that allows its users to purchase eGift cards and digital gaming products. The digital card market is expected to reach a global valuation of $698.2 billion by 2024, making it a highly lucrative and rapidly growing industry. The team aims to be an early pioneer in the industry, capturing a major chunk of this opportunity!

The company has been a vendor in the eGift card market for several years and has witnessed the various limitations of the current system. Traditional marketplaces often offer overpriced products, fraudulent game keys (referred to as “Grey Marketplaces”), and non-instant delivery due to the high risk of chargebacks and payment reversals. The team’s plan is to solve all of these issues through their unique product and capitalize on the same.

$GGT is the native token of the ecosystem and the central element that would centrally administer all the utilities. The team plans to use its $GGT token as the sole means of payment, allowing them to offer  lower prices by eliminating listing commissions. The products are sourced only from vetted European wholesale suppliers with zero risk, and instant delivery is guaranteed through the irreversibility of crypto transactions and API integration with suppliers. 

Additionally, the profit margin (7-12%) will be distributed to $GGT holders through farming and staking. This makes $GGT a lucrative passive income opportunity backed by a solid real-world business that has high-growth potential in the upcoming time. The team has designed the overall ecosystem and the project tokenomics in a way to make it completely safe and reliable for its investors.

Also, they soon plan to kick off their major marketing campaigns aimed at user base expansion and brand awareness. With this being said, it can be concluded that GameGuru is a solid project with great potential in the upcoming days!

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