AMA Recap – Foge Coin x Whale Coin Talk #3117

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AMA Recap – Foge Coin x Whale Coin Talk

“Foge is the next generation meme token harnessing the power of community and strong-utilities to drive success for the project! The project has developed a strong hold over meme marketing, and community events to develop an ever-growing organic community!”

Busting the common misconceptions linked with meme projects, Foge aims to be the next generation meme token posing massive utilities for its community. The most significant of which is a peer-to-peer payments network spread all across the globe, eliminating the need for middlemen and centralized authorities. One of the major USPs for Foge is its visionary team which is committed to evolving Foge as the successor of highly successful meme projects like Doge and ShibaInu.

Key Takeaways From the AMA

In order to provide you with a better insight into the project the key takeaways from the project can be summarised as:

  • The project is community-centric, based on building a strong meme community with great utilities to support the project in the long term.
  • Foge NFTs are already up for minting @1BNB and are receiving great responses from the community; the minting prices would be reduced in the future to decrease the entry barrier.
  • Foge team is actively developing their P2P game, which they demonstrated during the AMA. The gameplay is super-smooth unlike many competitors and has various elements of fantasy and thrill making it highly engaging.
  • Also, the team unveiled their marketing strategy during the AMA which is a hybrid meme model to drive community engagement. The team plans to use meme marketing alongside community events to drive some crazy growth in the current market where the whole of the crypto industry is bleeding.

Brownie Points – Some Special Questions From the Community!

After giving an overview of the project and deep insights into the various factors affecting the project, the team answered some of the most asked questions by the WCT community, which can be summarised as:

  • Roadmap: The project is here in the market with a long-term vision and is working strictly in accordance with its roadmap to achieve the desired growth. 
  • Competitor Analysis and Team Strength: The core team of the project consists of some of the most talented people in the cryptocurrency space making Team Foge one of the strongest teams on BSC.

In order to always stay ahead of the competition, the team has adopted a result-based approach to delivering quality work (P2E games) and building a strong community. Also, the project is in talks with various investors and other communities to level up its game, leaving the competition behind!


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