AMA Recap – Ever Earn x WhaleCoinTalk

AMA Review

EverEarn is a revolutionary project by a highly experienced team who have been around the crypto space for a pretty long time. The lead Dev has vast experience managing various real-world projects and Web3 projects. The basic idea is to build EverEarn as a basic brick-and-mortar business. So that it can emerge as a reliable and sustainable passive income-generating asset for its investors.

EverEarn is not a very new project and it has been there for a while now – they have interacted well with their community and the community still holds strong! They now plan to expand their presence across various chains and are launching on ETH soon…

The project offers multiple incentives to its holders to promote the community in the longer run – apart from regular rewards they also offer special rewards if you commit to holding for longer time frames. Regardless of the chain you are on, you can capitalize on multiple streams from multiple “diamond hand” reward pools.

After their ETH launch, the team plans to soon expand across MATIC – all chains will have the same incentives and reward mechanisms. In order to promote the habit of responsible investing, they post a lot of educational content within their community and have posted almost 200 lessons yet. They have also built a crypto terms glossary where people can familiarize themselves with the web3 and crypto language.

Their platform contains four staking DApps which the users can use according to their comfort – you can also participate in all four at a time; so by holding ever earn you will be rewarded for each of the four pools. They are focused on building organic relations with people across the industry and not just onboarding big influencers for marketing. Some of their marketing campaigns have been a huge success and more of them would be rolled out soon!

For more details and regular updates, you can tune in to their socials. The links are as follows:





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