AMA Recap – AtPay x WhaleCoinTalk

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AMA Recap – AtPay x WhaleCoinTalk

AtPay is a highly innovative financial product integrating traditional finances and the blockchain technology, helping pave the path to widespread crypto adoption. The project is backed and developed by a highly experienced team with people from diverse backgrounds including those from traditional FinTeach and also the Blockchain Developers.

The first product that the team plans to roll out is a decentralized payment gateway and microfinancing platform. Two major offerings of the platform includes a pay-with-crypto interface and a buy now pay later platform for its users popularizing crypto, hence leading to mass adoption of the technology.

The major USP of the platform includes implementing a 0-interest policy towards its users creating a stable platform for them. Proper measures have been undertaken to ensure liquidity and funding on the platform some of which include their stable crypto pools, funding from investors and other channels, and their organic lending platform.

Currently, the team is working on ensuring a proper user experience on the platform so that it can be advertised to a broader audience, i.e people who are less familiar with crypto and its mechanics. The overall merchant experience on the platform has a more advanced feel to it where the merchants can capture stablecoin payments and token rewards but they can also use it as a two-way asset management system with their clients. The versatility being offered to the merchants is expected to attract a lot of initial members to the ecosystem in the starting days, causing a widespread physical presence for the platform.

The team has a dedicated team of highly experienced marketers who will be responsible for the overall user-acquisition of the platform. A major part of marketing affairs in initial stages would be to tap into the gaming communities and the real OG degen communities to build a loyal user base. This will be followed by some high-volume influencer marketing campaigns targeted at brand positioning and widespread user acquisition.

It would be needless to say that the team is engaged in some solid developments and are building a high-utility platform. To get regular updates and news about their developments tune-in to their socials today!






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